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vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

Lucky with the Smile

Why do I look for your company, for your presence?... Because... I feel lonely. Alone. I know, it's selfish of me to do this but... I can't help it... I need you in moments like this. With you by my side everything seems bearable. When you are there I feel better, brighter, more beautiful... Definitely more beautiful. You have the gift to make me better, you put the friendly air that I am reproached not to have... You have this effect on everyone you...serve. I know you don't hate me for using you, on the contrary. 

I think God is the one I have to thank for your existence. Without would be hard and especially ugly. So, thank you God for giving life to Smile once with the Human. Smile makes Human's life better and easier and more beautiful... What would I do or be without it? (I would probably be the bitch that I usually am :)) )