Vezi bioritmul tau de astazi


sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2012

Saturday's thoughts

A little time for writing. Oau! And stretching like a cat who just woke-up and yawns… Feels nice since long time no do... Outside is very cold. A very cold winter. Looking out the window a picture comes into mind: snowy mountain, warm cottage, nice fire in the chimney house and peace in hearts … Always two hearts in front of the fiery chimney burning in the same intensity… Mind sleeping away out from the reality, escaping it and creating its own… Because she needs to dream in order to survive. Because she needs to believe that two hearts CAN beat as one. She needs love so much. Her thirst for love and tenderness and attention drags her dangerously close to an edge she never thought she would get. Because she desperately needs to believe in love again otherwise she will be lost and she can’t afford to loose her self. So many people depend on her well being… On her being present and alive and happy and serene. She is strong and she knows it but where is that strength now when she needs it the most? She still learns how to listen to her self and it is not the easiest thing. She knows. She avoided listening to her and she cannot explain or understand why. Even now, when she is getting close to age change she finds it hard.
“Last chance for Harvey” with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman… Love can occur in an instant. It can only take you few words, another few seconds and an intersection of eyes and you can have love standing right in front of you. The more words you say there are two chances: you can find beauty within or you can tell there is nothing else there more than looks. And if it happens that you find the beauty? Well, you lucky bastard… Be happy, you found the fortune….

Life is huge. And strong spirits always find the way to embrace it.